What is Oakland Service Ministries?

Oakland Service Ministries (OSM) is a volunteer-operated nonprofit corporation that has been recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization by the IRS.  It is a tool for the initiation and funding of Christian community ministries. Since 2000, OSM has assisted many projects to fulfill their purpose. 

Projects like Oakland Girls' Choir and Yoga In Schools began under the umbrella of OSM and are now independent nonprofit organizations. Projects like the Leopold Family Project fulfilled their purpose and disbursed all contributed funds for their designated charitable purposes. Projects like Kenya Christian Education Partnership, Greater Pittsburgh Area MAD DADS and My Brother’s Keeper used OSM as a fiscal sponsor until their own IRS determination letter was received.

OSM is constantly seeking new projects and organizations that could use its help.   Its board of directors includes Jay Gilmer, Esq., Jonathan Sewall and Josh Moyer, Esq.

For Further Information
If OSM can help you start your own project or if you want to contribute funds to the work of OSM or for further information, please click on the link above to use our contact page.

We also welcome volunteers interested in joining in our work.

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